It's the stories that make it

Producing a show about the Capitol City takes a lot of time and talent. For Cheryl Fritz and Bob Hoffman its the stories of people living and working up and down Michigan Avenue, like the folks at Applause Salon, that make the Bob and Cheryl show shine.

Aprons for Michelle

Down from the Soup Spoon, Elizabeth McMurray has a beautiful, wonderful, presidential secret and 300+ coded messages for all of us. They're hanging about the pins and textiles at Liz's Alterations & Gifts. (Shh! Don't tell) Story by: Emanuele Berry.

Best of Both Worlds

Two MSU students, looking for the spice of their home in Puerto Rico, nom a taste of Jesus in a Middle Eastern Bakery just a handful of stops down the number one bus line. Story by: Thea Card.

Filmfest on the Line

From Top Gun screenwriter Jim Cash to Michael McCallum and his homegrown Rebel Pictures, Mid-Michigan is the hometown of many a famous, not so famous and up-and-coming filmmaker. A creature of the Ave, female filmmaker, Rudi Conklin will be all of those.

Artist by night

Like a modern day artistic superhero, Jeremy Mason has been walking these streets as a financial planner by day, radical artist by night, finding inspiration on The Ave.